Post Surgery Day 52

Now that the catheter is out, life is much better. Had a good night’s sleep in my own bed last night. The cats (and the wife) were as happy as I was. But it was not all fun and games.

Along comes the next challenge. Incontinence. This is the new problem. I have been given a set of exercises that I thought only women did called kegels. This involves strengthening muscles that were destroyed/weakened when the prostate was removed. These will help overcome the incontinence. But at least I am mobile again.

Next appointment with Doctor is in six weeks to do a follow up PSA test. 

The incisions are all healed, and with the catheter out the doctor left me with no restrictions. His parting comment was “if you feel comfortable doing it, go ahead and do it.”  Up until today I had been walking around the house twice a day. This morning I did some time on the cross country “Gazelle” and walked this afternoon. I am back in street clothes, filled the bird feeders, ready to get back in the swing of things. 


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