Bob Hoffman was born in NY (at a very early age), raised in Far Rockaway. Attended Brooklyn Technical High School (back when it was an all boys school).

Went to work for New York Telephone in 1970 (how many of you remember what a panel Central Office is?).

Moved to San Francisco in 1971. Went to work for Pacific Telephone. (How many of you remember what a 4A Crossbar Central Office is?) Married Kathy Briones.

Moved to Butte Montana in 1977.

Became an Independent Trucker.

Had a son, Robert Hoffman II.

On April 17, 1980 I trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, after my marriage broke up.

Moved to Columbia Maryland.

Married the most beautiful woman in the world, Maureen Doolan in 1981.

Was hired on by Cable & Wireless in 1982.

Worked as Assistant Pastor at Harvester Baptist Church in Columbia, Md

We had a daughter, Jessica Hoffman in 1982.

Moved to Pittsburgh PA with Cable and Wireless in 1985 (any of you know what their SST voice switch was?).

Moved to Chicago IL in 1989

Currently reside in the Dallas Texas Area.

FamilyNet Incorporated as Non Profit Corporation in 1995.

Left Cable & Wireless and started on 09/09/96 with MFS Worldcom (who became MCI and is now Verizon Business!) as Senior Manager OSS Project Management.

Left MFS to become Senior Manager of Midwest Operations for WINSTAR in Chicago on 01/06/97

Left WinStar to become regional manager for Northpoint Communications on 09/06/98

Promoted to Regional Director, Central Field Operation in June 1999. Relocated to Dallas August 1, 1999

Northpoint Communications went bankrupt in December 2000. Layed off.

Completed training and started as professional Greyhound Motor Coach Operator in May 2001

May 2004 – Assumed position of Manager, Telecom, voice and video

Was layed off from Greyhound in October of 2008

Rehired as a driver for Greyhound Lines in May of 2010

Bob Hoffman setup the Harvester Web Page


Left Greyhound for good in November 2015















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