Post Surgery Day 1646

I went in and received my first radiation treatment today. It was no big deal, getting the treatment. My understanding is that side effects may start after about two weeks. I am due for seven weeks of treatment.

Bob and Maureen Hoffman September/October 2023 Newsletter

“When you go on the internet, please pray for the Hoffman Family – your missionaries to Cyberspace.” Volume 36 Issue 5 (September/October/2023) Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The Latest News: Bob’s prostate cancer is back. He has started on two years of hormone therapy and starts seven […]

Michael Ellzey, Missionary to Bolivia

While attending the Great Commission Camp Meeting at New Beginning Baptist Church in Edgewood, Texas, we had the pleasure of meeting Michael Ellzey, a missionary to Bolivia. Brother Michael and I discussed some of the advantages for a missionary to have a website, and he decided he would like to go […]

Evangelist Mark Thrift

Many years ago we met Evangelist Mark Thrift at an East Texas Baptist Campmeeting (I believe he was still pastor at Parkwood Baptist Church at that time). We talked briefly about websites. Brother Mark subsequently became a full time evangelist. We continued to run into Brother Thrift several times a […]

Post Surgery day 1630

I went down to the radiology center today and had my CT Scan for the radiation mapping.  I am scheduled for 35 treatments. The first treatment is scheduled for October 17, the last treatment is scheduled for December 7 (Pearl Harbor day). For some reason, radiation for the prostate requires […]

Faith Bible Baptist Church – Kennedale, Texas

Pastor Justin Krieg contacted me. He is planting a new church (Faith Bible Baptist Church, a mission work sent out of Kings Highway Baptist Church of Hurst, TX) in Kennedale, Texas. He wanted to get a website up for the new church plant. We spoke on the phone, and he […]

Good Hope Baptist Church, Edgewood Texas

In July of 2023, when we were attending the East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting, we had the pleasure of meeting Pastor Ken and Belinda Hackney of Good Hope Baptist Church in Edgewood, Texas, as well as a large number of the congregation’s other congregants. Brother Hackney expressed an interest in […]

Post Surgery day 1564

Update on Bob’s cancer: Bob met with the radiologist. The radiologist wants 7 weeks of radiation, along with two years of hormone therapy. Bob has a meeting with the urologist to discuss and possibly start the hormone shots. The problem is that the shots are $400 each (assuming only one […]

Calvary Baptist Church, Trinidad Texas

I received an email from my Facebook friend Jim Doster: “I read that you create websites for churches. I am now the Interim Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Trinidad TX. You have a placeholder site for us, but I would be interested in having a more permanent and professional […]