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Bible Baptist Church of Pace Florida

I was contacted by Pastor Nathan Stevenson from Bible Baptist Church in Pace Florida. Pastor Stevenson had taken over as Pastor of Bible Baptist Church about a year ago and was looking for help in improving their website. I was able to look at the (proprietary) platform his website was […]

From a Prisoner in Arkansas

From a prisoner in AR…To Whom This May Concern; I appreciate the very informative letter and listed scripture that explain Biblical views regarding baptism. I plan to complete my re-dedication to Christ upon my release by being re-baptized. (He was sprinkled as a baby). I thank you , Bob and […]

From a Student in Alabama

From a student in AL: Yes, this last lesson was a little hard. Thank you for being a great teacher to help me find the right answers. Thank you for such good people like yourself. Thank you. The post From a Student in Alabama appeared first on Missionaries to Cyberspace. […]

From a Prisoner in Texas

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, May God be with your ministry and may God continually bless you and your ministry in everything.  Thank you so much for sending my lessons to me. I won’t miss the opportunity to stay in God’s Word and the opportunity to grow in faith. […]