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Now that my life at Greyhound is over – I will be posting some infrequent personal stuff here for those few of you that have followed me into civilian life.

Server Outage

One of our five servers had an outage for about 20 minutes. It is back up and running now. Will post a resolution here when I receive one from the hosting provider. The post Server Outage appeared first on Missionaries to Cyberspace. Source: Cyber-Missions Blog One of our five servers […]

Ryders to Ecuador

We had the pleasure of meeting Steve Ryder and along with his wife Anna and two grandchildren, Noah, and Serenity at the Alvarado Camp Meeting in January. Brother Steve had accepted God’s call to the mission field of Ecuador.  He will be serving in the city of Cuenca on the […]

Volume 37 Issue 1 (January/February/2024)

“When you go on the internet, please pray for the Hoffman Family – your missionaries to Cyberspace.” Volume 37 Issue 1 (January/February/2024) Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The Latest News: Maureen and I attended 5 nights of a camp meeting in Alvarado Texas. We had our display […]

Brother Jack Koons, KJV Evangelist

In January, Bob had the opportunity to meet Dr. Jack (Jacob) and Barb Koons while he was attending the South Central Texas Baptist Fellowship. Brother Jack has a ministry “Promoting the King James Bible” and “Refuting Calvinism and Arminianism.” He presents his work in local churches. In addition, Brother Jack […]

Server Outage (Resolved)

One of our hosted servers are down. I have about 55 websites down. Ticket was opened 30 minutes ago. Host comments: This should be resolved, was an issue with New Yorks Internet Exchange (NYIIX) We dropped them from our network interface while they are having issues. Do let us know […]