Surgery has been Scheduled

     The week before last we scheduled the surgery to have the prostate removed for April 20, 2019. This was contingent on having a clean bill of health from my cardiologist. 

     I work out 7 days a week, so the note from my heart doctor should not be a problem.

     My wife had a problem with the surgery being so far out. I had a peace with it. I am in the process of migrating servers right now in the hosting ministry, and the next one is due to expire towards the end of April. I figured I would feel good and be sure to have the server I am working on closed out.

     Today I received a call from the scheduler. They had a cancellation.  The surgery has been moved up now to April 15. They also never got the go ahead from my cardiologist.

     A call to the cardiologist discovers a letter was faxed to the surgeon on March 18. They were going to fax it again today. So – we are a go for April 15 at this time.

     Shouldn’t be a problem, but I need to step up and make sure the server is completed prior to the surgery just in case.

     If you are interested in more information than you probably wanted to know about prostate cancer, a good reference site is NCCN guidelines at

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