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Post Surgery day 1630

I went down to the radiology center today and had my CT Scan for the radiation mapping.  I am scheduled for 35 treatments. The first treatment is scheduled for October 17, the last treatment is scheduled for December 7 (Pearl Harbor day). For some reason, radiation for the prostate requires […]

Post Surgery day 1564

Update on Bob’s cancer: Bob met with the radiologist. The radiologist wants 7 weeks of radiation, along with two years of hormone therapy. Bob has a meeting with the urologist to discuss and possibly start the hormone shots. The problem is that the shots are $400 each (assuming only one […]

Post Surgery Day 1583

I met with the radiologist on a course of treatment for the returning prostate cancer. It appears the current course of treatment will include: A CT scan to line up with the previous MRI I had to map the areas to be treated. 2 years of hormone therapy. 7 weeks […]

From a prisoner in Maryland

A prisoner in Maryland writes: I really like how this is written, even if someone didn’t believe, you have stated very logically Who Jesus really is. Thank you for the list of the ten commandments, sometimes I forget what they all are! The post From a prisoner in Maryland appeared […]

Post Surgery Day 1568

Got the results of the PET scan. Confirmed there was a little cancer in a couple of lymph nodes. I have to schedule an appointment with a radiologist to determine a course of treatment. I appreciate all the prayer that was offered up for me. God is still in control […]

From a Prisoner in Iowa

A prisoner in Iowa writes: Thank you for loving us by showing us how to love and spread God’s love to others. P.S. Thank you for the gold star on my certificate! The post From a Prisoner in Iowa appeared first on Missionaries to Cyberspace. Source: Cyber-Missions Blog A prisoner […]

Post Surgery Day 1535

Back at urologist to get PSA numbers, to see if cancer has returned, and have another minor problem looked at. Update: The PSA numbers are high. We are scheduling a PET scan. It looks like I will have to get radiation treatments. Thanks to everyone that commented and prayed. God […]

Post Surgery Day 1427

I got my results for PSA again today. The PSA is hold around .1. If it goes above .2 radiation will be indicated, the assumption being the cancer has returned. Going back for retesting in 3 months. I appreciate everyone that is praying for me!