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Michael Ellzey, Missionary to Bolivia

While attending the Great Commission Camp Meeting at New Beginning Baptist Church in Edgewood, Texas, we had the pleasure of meeting Michael Ellzey, a missionary to Bolivia. Brother Michael and I discussed some of the advantages for a missionary to have a website, and he decided he would like to go […]

Evangelist Mark Thrift

Many years ago we met Evangelist Mark Thrift at an East Texas Baptist Campmeeting (I believe he was still pastor at Parkwood Baptist Church at that time). We talked briefly about websites. Brother Mark subsequently became a full time evangelist. We continued to run into Brother Thrift several times a […]

Post Surgery day 1630

I went down to the radiology center today and had my CT Scan for the radiation mapping.  I am scheduled for 35 treatments. The first treatment is scheduled for October 17, the last treatment is scheduled for December 7 (Pearl Harbor day). For some reason, radiation for the prostate requires […]