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Post Surgery Day 35

Saw my doctor today. White blood count is down. Identified antibiotics I need. Temperature is down to normal. Unless something changes tonight, I should go home tomorrow. Cystogram is still on schedule for Wednesday with follow up appointment with doctor. Lord willing the catheter will come out on Wednesday. Haven’t […]

Post Surgery Day 34

Antibiotics are doing their thing. White blood count dropping. Hospital doctor tells me earliest release date is Tuesday. This infection may put Wednesday’s cystogram and catheter removal at risk. My urologist is supposed to stop in tomorrow. Isa 40:31

Post Surgery Day 33

Have a low fever today. Feeling blah. Sinuses are causing heavy coughing again. Just an all around bad day today. Fever went up, doctor had me go to ER. UTI is bad. Being admitted to hospital. Getting hi-test antibiotics. Psalm 139

Post Surgery Day 25

Good day today. Got a full days work done on computer. Decided I couldn’t sleep on couch any more. Back and neck hurt too much. Really can’t try regular bed yet with catheter. Still can’t sleep on side yet. Can’t sleep flat on back with allergies and sinuses. Trying a […]

Post Surgery Day 24

Had a pretty good day today. Was able to get a lot of work done on computers, although there were problems with some hosting providers that ate up a lot of time. Not fun when you are not feeling your best. Still praying the bladder heals. Hospital called to set […]

Post Surgery Day 23

Today was an okay day. Got work done on the computers today. Just praying that the bladder heals over the next two weeks. So far no further reaction to yesterday’s iodine. Good. Trying to get the catheter back to some comfort level, the doctor wanted to have it stretched for […]

Post Surgery Day 21

Okay day today. Showed up for scheduled cystogram. Radiologist would not do it, wanted more pre-medication. Doctor is calling in prescription for Prednisone. Rescheduled cystogram and doctor’s appointment for tomorrow. Romans 8:28

Post Surgery Day 20

Another good day today. Sinuses are causing problems, hope coughing isn’t preventing healing. Allergies just won’t quit. Minor neck ache persisting for third day now. Hives improving. Took Benadryl in preparation for cystogram tomorrow. Praying this catheter comes out tomorrow. Psalm 100:5

Post Surgery Day 19

Good day today. Hives about the same. Managed to work on the computer for 3/4 of the day today. Have some interesting new (healing?) pains. Nothing bad. Praying this catheter can come out Monday! No matter what happens God is in control Phil 4:13