Post Surgery Day 2

There is a lot of pain when I try to change positions (sitting/laying/standing).

Last night I tried to find a suitable place to sleep.

The recliner is too low, and it too painful to get in and out of. The bed was actually too high. I was able to get comfortable on couch and with the aid of a sleeping pill had a good nights sleep, no pain no moving around.

This morning, still very painful to move, but Dr. says I have to be “ambulatory.

The actual act of moving once I am up doesn’t hurt, its the getting up and down from a sitting position that hurts.

I was able to climb a set of stairs this morning okay. Sitting at my computer this morning is okay.

There is no blood in the catheter. There is some blood in the JP filter. That is expected to decrease over time. 

I do not have stitches, he used some sort of bonding like super glue.

There is a dressing in the JP Drain that will need to be changed periodically.

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