Post Surgery Day 3

I’m experiencing a little more pain around the areas where the robot went in.

I have been “ambulating” (walking around) a lot more today. 

The JP drain is almost empty today. I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon on Monday. He was supposed to remove the drain and the catheter on Monday.

My prostate was so enlarged that he had to really stretch the urethra pretty tight when he was rebuilding it after removal of the prostate, so he has not decided whether or not to keep the catheter in an extra week. I will find out on Monday. As much as I would like it removed, I want to be sure the urethra is healed properly.

The drain is a pain. It has a bandage over it that needs to be changed nightly (was a mess last night although it looks better today). It is pretty complicated the way the tube has to wind it’s way through the bandage. Thank God for my wife!

God is giving plenty of Grace to deal with all this (2 Cor 12:9) and I am trusting He is in control and is working all this out for my good! Rom 8:28


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