Post Surgery Day 57

I had a followup appointment with my GP today to bring him up to date on the surgery. He had nothing to add about the prostate surgery.

Incontinence was not as bad as I first thought (make no mistake it is bad). The muscles seem to be working, not too sure how the whole will work.

Have problems if I cough, sneeze, laugh. Anytime I stand up the muscles are strong enough. I do not have any “urge” to go to the bathroom at any time. Have no idea what is in the bladder.  Sorry if this is TMI, trying to be of help to anyone that is contemplating, or that has gone through the surgery.

Unless something goes seriously wrong, I am still on antibiotics for two more days, and have next followup appointment with Urologist/surgeon on July 17.

There will be a PSA test (which theoretically should be at zero).

Isa 41:10 


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