Post Surgery Day 93

     Had follow up with Urologist today. Result of blood work, PSA is zero. This is fantastic, it means the cancer is indeed gone.

     We briefly discussed the incontinence problem. It is getting better. He asked how it is doing at night. At night I am doing great, he said that is a good sign. A lot of it hinges on how much water I drink, and when I drink it.
     We have been attending the East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting the last two nights, and so far everything has been going well, the situation is manageable. 

     We then briefly discussed E.D. This is a subject I really don’t feel comfortable pursuing in detail here. I was offered two options for treatment. I will leave it at that, again, I am not going to pursue this in detail due to the audience and the subject matter. 

     Again I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support. Phil 4:6-7

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