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Scan Results Negative

     I met with my urologist yesterday and received the scan results from my full body bone scan and the abdomen and pelvis scan.      The first scan was to determine whether the prostate cancer had spread to my bones. The results were negative.       The second […]

Scan Day

Heading out this morning. Have early morning appointment to get injected for radioactive dye. Have to wait three hours for dye to settle into the bones. While I am waiting I will have a CT Scan of abdomen an Pelvis with contrast. Then after three hour waiting period is up, […]

Next Step

     The next step in this process, before any plan of treatment can be worked out is to determine if the cancer has spread beyond the prostate.      I am scheduled for a full body bone scan next week to see if there any sign of cancer in […]

Prostate Cancer

     I have had high PSA reading for several years now. The last two years they have been holding in the 7-9 range. Neither my GP nor my urologist were overly concerned about the reading because the reading was not going up, and was not very high, it would […]