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Post Surgery Day 15

Today was pretty good day. Tape/glue covering the sutures is starting to fall off. Scheduled cystogram for Monday afternoon before Doctor’s appointment. Now just trying to run out the clock. Trying to work a little, but, just too much discomfort with catheter sitting in front of computer. Getting walking in. […]

Post Surgery Day 13

Mostly uneventful day. Catheter painful. Tried to balance some walking with sitting still and not moving. Did not take any pain pills. Allergies are still a problem. Have X-ray and follow up Dr appointment tomorrow. Praying this catheter will come out tomorrow. Phil 4:6-7

Post Surgery Day 12

Had some bleeding this morning. Doctor said it was nothing to worry about. Wound where the JP filter came out finally closed up. No more dressings. Catheter is really painful at times when I move. Dr. advised to take the pain pills if I wanted to, just hold out. Lord […]

Post Surgery Day 11

Not much in the way of change. Allergies are bad. I am running a low fever. Nursing staff never called back. Going ahead with X-ray and appointment on Monday afternoon and see what happens. Catheter getting more painful. Would love to get rid of it. God is in control.

Post Surgery Day 10

Still haven’t heard back from scheduling. Did get a confirmation page that I did have the appointment Monday afternoon. No more calls. Going to do the X-ray Monday if don’t hear from them. Hopefully they will have changed the X-ray to urgent. If not I will see if they can […]

Post Surgery Day 9

Still waiting on a call back from scheduling nurse. I have the X-ray on Monday, but still don’t have an appointment to remove the catheter. It is starting to get painful. My allergies are acting up last two days. Sinuses not doing well. Just not feeling to good.

Post Surgery Day 8

Trying to set up an X Ray called a cystogram for Monday before my scheduled appointment to get the catheter out next Monday. The game plan per the doctor’s office was to get the cystogram in the morning, and see the doctor in the afternoon. I couldn’t get an appointment […]

Post Surgery Day 7

I had my follow up doctor’s appointment today. The news was excellent. They did remove the JP Drain.  They will be keeping the catheter in for another week. The lab results were back from the tissue he removed. The cancer was super aggressive. The Gleason score was actually a 9 […]