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Post Surgery Day 57

I had a followup appointment with my GP today to bring him up to date on the surgery. He had nothing to add about the prostate surgery. Incontinence was not as bad as I first thought (make no mistake it is bad). The muscles seem to be working, not too […]

Post Surgery Day 52

Now that the catheter is out, life is much better. Had a good night’s sleep in my own bed last night. The cats (and the wife) were as happy as I was. But it was not all fun and games. Along comes the next challenge. Incontinence. This is the new […]

Post Surgery Day 51

Have Cystogram number four scheduled today at 11:00 AM. Praying that the tears in the bladder are healed. The cystogram showed no leakage. Praise the Lord! Have follow up with doctor at 2:00 PM At doctor’s office. The catheter has been removed. Praise the Lord! The catheter is uncomfortable at […]