Scheduling Surgery

     I had good meetings with the radiologist and the surgeon on Wednesday.  I was given a lot of information.

     The logical choice is to do the surgery. There is a minimal chance of permanent side effects from the surgery after a 1-6 month healing period.  I am waiting for the scheduling department to call me to set up an appointment.

     The surgery will be laparoscopic, robotic (minimally invasive) with six 1/2 inch incisions barring any complications. The surgery (barring any complications) should take about three hours under general anesthesia. 

     There is a 99% chance of being cancer free after 10 years and a 97% chance of being cancer free after 15 years.

     There is, however a 50% chance that I will still need to undergo radiation (8 weeks, 5x a week) and hormone therapy due to the cancer penetrating the area around the prostate given the amount of cancer and the gleason number (8) of the cancer. They won’t know until the prostate is removed and sent to a lab. 

     There is the option of just doing radiation, but surgery is very difficult if not impossible after radiation due to the damage that the radiation causes to the prostate,

     I am not a candidate for the radiation pellets due to the size of my prostate.

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Decision Time

     I have been talking with men that had prostate cancer. They have offered advice, shared their experiences and shed a lot of light on the process. They have also put into context the information I have picked up from my doctor.

     Tomorrow morning I have a consult with the radiologist, followed by a consult with my primary urologist/surgeon. 

     Barring any unexpected additional information from either of these experts, I will be choosing to have the prostate removed (surgery) in lieu of undergoing radiation treatments. There is a risk of permanent incontinence, as well as ED problems, although none of these men I spoke with have complained of this. One pastor I talked did say his father suffered from permanent incontinence.  It is not pretty. 

     The side effects and permanent damage caused by radiation can ultimately cause more problems and my prostate is already causing problems. I have been told that surgery AFTER undergoing radiation is more difficult and healing can be a problem. 

     My urologist has basically said that with surgery you deal with any problems and side effects up front. With radiation you deal with them on the back end. Since I “seem” to be relatively healthy I would rather deal with them on the front end. With radiation there can also be damage and cancer risk to other organs.

     The one downside in talking to these men is that even though they were told (as I was) that the cancer had not spread, once the prostate was removed there was evidence that the cancer had spread beyond the prostate and a couple of these men had to undergo the radiation and hormone shots after undergoing the surgery. That could be a problem, but I am aware of that going into this and I will discuss that with the doctors tomorrow.

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Scan Results Negative

     I met with my urologist yesterday and received the scan results from my full body bone scan and the abdomen and pelvis scan.

     The first scan was to determine whether the prostate cancer had spread to my bones. The results were negative. 

     The second scan was to determine whether the cancer had spread to any other organs or the lymph system in the area of the prostate, That scan was also negative. God is good. Praise the Lord! (Psalm 146:1)

     I now have to pray about two courses of action, radiation (beam) therapy with two years of hormone therapy, or surgery (removal of the prostate).

     I will be making an appointment to talk with an oncologist about the radiation therapy prior to making a decision.

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Primary Care Visit

Having a visit with primary care physician for annual physical today. Will discuss the prostate cancer and get his advice and recommendations.

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Scan Day

Heading out this morning. Have early morning appointment to get injected for radioactive dye.

Have to wait three hours for dye to settle into the bones.

While I am waiting I will have a CT Scan of abdomen an Pelvis with contrast.

Then after three hour waiting period is up, have a Bone Imaging Scan, whole body to see if the cancer has spread to the bones.

This is all in the hands of the Lord, trusting God at this point. Romans 8:28

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Next Step

     The next step in this process, before any plan of treatment can be worked out is to determine if the cancer has spread beyond the prostate.

     I am scheduled for a full body bone scan next week to see if there any sign of cancer in the bones.  When the results of that scan are in I will meet with the urologist again to discuss the prognosis and the options available to me, along with his recommendations for treatment.

     At some point I need to sit down with my GP again and discuss it with him as well.

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Prostate Cancer

     I have had high PSA reading for several years now. The last two years they have been holding in the 7-9 range. Neither my GP nor my urologist were overly concerned about the reading because the reading was not going up, and was not very high, it would actually start coming down, then go back up again.

     I changed my urologist last year my mine left the practice, for the most par because they had a location that was much more convenient. My new (much younger) urologist gave me a more comprehensive blood test (can’t even tell you what it was called) in which one of the readings was very high. Given the high reading, he suggested (and I agreed) to a prostate biopsy. 

     I received the results from the biopsy last Wednesday (01/30/19).  The results were positive for aggressive cancer in 4 of the 12 samples that were taken. The aggression levels were rated from 6-10, mine were  at an 8.

     He has requested a bone scan to determine whether or not the cancer has spread to the bones. That has been scheduled. 

     I have decided to share this publicly because:

  • this may help someone else that is going through a similar circumstance.
  • many people are praying and are concerned and are asking for updates.
  • my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is control of all this and no matter how this turns out, God is in control and He will work all this to my good (Romans 8:28)

If you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, please take the time to read the Bible Tract on this website and learn how you can know for sure you can have a home in heaven!

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Motor Vehicle Fun

Got the old truck inspected. Good news. Truck is so old next year they tell me will no longer need an emissions check. Spent 2 1/2 hours renewing drivers license.

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Added some news feeds

I added some Transportation news feeds today. Sadly, not much deals with motor coach. Of course NTSB had news feeds but they were unreadable… 

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Model Railroad Layout Garland Texas

     Maureen and I went to a model railroad layout in Garland Texas at the Public Library yesterday. The exhibit was put on by the Spring Creek Model Railroad Club. They were in the process of getting everything setup, but it was a very nice layout. They had some HO and N gauge trains there.Spring Creek Model Railroad Club

     We met a couple of church friends, Jim and Carol Cahill at the Library and shared some good fellowship.

     The club was using individual controllers for each train, something I had not seen used before, so each train had its own engineer. The trains also had sound effects coming out of each engine as well.

     Overalls it was a ver nice layout. Unfortunately I am still getting used to the new camera we have and half the pictures I thought I had taken were never taken. Only six came out, and can be found in the Gallery. 

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