Post Surgery Day 184

I had a followup blood draw for my check up next week.

Everything is progressing fairly well. The problem with incontinence is still there, but a relatively minor irritant. Lord willing it will continue to improve.

I have my followup appointment to get the results of the blood test next Wednesday.

There is no reading scheduled for this day. Use this day to catch up or read ahead. 2 Peter 3:6 KJV
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Post Surgery Day 109

     The problem I’ve been having with incontinence has improved 1000%! While it is still a problem, it is much better now. I am now able to spend  time out, and at functions.  Next follow up with Urologist is in October.

Again, not going really wanting to go into detail on this, but I have started taking steps to address the E.D problem. 

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Post Surgery Day 93

     Had follow up with Urologist today. Result of blood work, PSA is zero. This is fantastic, it means the cancer is indeed gone.

     We briefly discussed the incontinence problem. It is getting better. He asked how it is doing at night. At night I am doing great, he said that is a good sign. A lot of it hinges on how much water I drink, and when I drink it.
     We have been attending the East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting the last two nights, and so far everything has been going well, the situation is manageable. 

     We then briefly discussed E.D. This is a subject I really don’t feel comfortable pursuing in detail here. I was offered two options for treatment. I will leave it at that, again, I am not going to pursue this in detail due to the audience and the subject matter. 

     Again I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support. Phil 4:6-7

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Post Surgery Day 85

Figure it is time to provide an update. 

Going in tomorrow for a blood draw – follow up PSA test. Have the results next week.

Had to skip two camp meetings last week due to this problem with incontinence. My wife and I did visit another church Sunday. That did go well. I will also be presenting our ministry this Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church in Mesquite during the morning service. I am not anticipating any problems there either as the time will not be extended.

I am pretty sure we will have to skip the East Texas Baptist Camp meeting this year the following week. We will see how next Sunday goes.

Again, I want to thank all those that have been praying for us.

The incontinence is improving ever so slowly. But it is improving.  

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Post Surgery Day 57

I had a followup appointment with my GP today to bring him up to date on the surgery. He had nothing to add about the prostate surgery.

Incontinence was not as bad as I first thought (make no mistake it is bad). The muscles seem to be working, not too sure how the whole will work.

Have problems if I cough, sneeze, laugh. Anytime I stand up the muscles are strong enough. I do not have any “urge” to go to the bathroom at any time. Have no idea what is in the bladder.  Sorry if this is TMI, trying to be of help to anyone that is contemplating, or that has gone through the surgery.

Unless something goes seriously wrong, I am still on antibiotics for two more days, and have next followup appointment with Urologist/surgeon on July 17.

There will be a PSA test (which theoretically should be at zero).

Isa 41:10 


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Post Surgery Day 52

Now that the catheter is out, life is much better. Had a good night’s sleep in my own bed last night. The cats (and the wife) were as happy as I was. But it was not all fun and games.

Along comes the next challenge. Incontinence. This is the new problem. I have been given a set of exercises that I thought only women did called kegels. This involves strengthening muscles that were destroyed/weakened when the prostate was removed. These will help overcome the incontinence. But at least I am mobile again.

Next appointment with Doctor is in six weeks to do a follow up PSA test. 

The incisions are all healed, and with the catheter out the doctor left me with no restrictions. His parting comment was “if you feel comfortable doing it, go ahead and do it.”  Up until today I had been walking around the house twice a day. This morning I did some time on the cross country “Gazelle” and walked this afternoon. I am back in street clothes, filled the bird feeders, ready to get back in the swing of things. 


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Post Surgery Day 51

Have Cystogram number four scheduled today at 11:00 AM. Praying that the tears in the bladder are healed.

The cystogram showed no leakage. Praise the Lord!

Have follow up with doctor at 2:00 PM

At doctor’s office. The catheter has been removed. Praise the Lord!

The catheter is uncomfortable at best, painful at its worst. Still having problems sleeping. Catheter leaks bad a times when I move around, which is pretty much leaving me confined to the house (for seven weeks now) except for these medical appointments. I am able to do the ministry work (except when I am sleep deprived).
I miss being able to get out to church services, but the leaking, painful catheter, and lack of sleep are making that all but impossible.
Phil 4:19

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Post Surgery Day 44

I had a follow up visit with the surgeon today, just a “see how your doing visit.” The urologist decided he wanted to change out the catheter today to minimize infection risks. The procedure was uncomfortable but not painful.

We are scheduling yet another cystogram and followup visit for next Wednesday June 5. Lord willing the bladder will have healed up this time and the catheter can come out.

Psalm 142:1


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Post Surgery Day 36

I was released from the hospital today. White blood count normal. Temp was down to normal. Have 10 days of antibiotics set up in pills.

Cystogram is still on for tomorrow, with followup with doctor. If bladder is healed catheter will finally be coming out.

Psalm 13:5-6

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Post Surgery Day 35

Saw my doctor today. White blood count is down. Identified antibiotics I need. Temperature is down to normal.

Unless something changes tonight, I should go home tomorrow. Cystogram is still on schedule for Wednesday with follow up appointment with doctor.

Lord willing the catheter will come out on Wednesday.

Haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in weeks. Had multiple bladder spasms last night. Praying for a good night’s sleep tonight!

Phil 4 6-7

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